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Each chakra point, energy passes right through the auric and physical bodies, permeating the entire organism. This runs from the tail to the head.

BASE CHAKRA- (ROOT CHARKA) Is situated at the base of the spine which meets the tail, and corresponds to the adrenal glands, motivation and energy. The will to survive and to reproduce are rooted in the chakra. Color Red

SACRAL CHAKRA- Reproductive system, sexual drive and function. Color - Orange SOLAR CHAKRA - This corresponds to the liver, pancreas, stomach and nervous system. Color Yellow HEART CHAKRA - This is to do with love and hate, compassion or lack of, loyalty, resentment and on the physical level- lungs related problems such as asthma. Color - Green

THROAT CHAKRA - This governs the energies of the thyroid gland. The throat is linked to communication and personal expression. Color - Light Blue

THIRD EYE (BROW CHAKRA )- This is your insight, such as telepathy and emotional aspects such as fear. This is the one way animals communicate. Physical resonance is with the ears, nose, left eye and nervous system. Color -Indigo

CROWN CHAKRA - This corresponds to spirituality, harmony with nature and connection with the cosmic energies. Color - Violet or White BUD CHAKRA- 'The bud chakra is found one on each hoof and one on the skin at the base opening of each ear. They are especially receptive to subtle energy vibrations. These chakra allow the animal to feel, touch the ground. And also helps them to be grounded.

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