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Psychic Mediumship Development

Where To Start

You have come to the right place if you want to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.  One of the questions i get asked is how do i develop my psychic ability's and where do i start.  Each week i will go through steps on how to do this.  I have a Psychic Mediumship Development Workshop which go's into details and covers so much more.  If you would like to do Psychic and Mediumship Readings or start a business doing this, you can see what my development course covers,  just go to the Workshop on my website.

Step One - What is Your Intention

Your intuition is that feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong.  I believe it is your second brain and will always be right.  It is so important that you always follow these feeling about things. You need to ask yourself, do I want to do readings for myself or professional and what do i want to achieve out of this.  No matter which way, you will self discover who you are and what is your soul purpose in life is.  You need to get clear of your intentions before you begin.

EXERCISE ONE - Write down your intention and what do you want to achieve.  Also do a plan of where you want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years.  By writing this down on paper it is putting it out to the universe.  The universe is very powerful you just need to believed that it does exist and believe in yourself.

Step Two - What is the different between a Psychic & Medium.

A psychic is a person who can tune into the energy field of a living person and intuitively perceive everything about their story by reading the energy field, including past present and future.

A medium means simply, in the middle.  A person who almost acts like and interpreter bringing messages from being's in other dimension or worlds by communicating and mediate between the spirit of those who have passed over and those who are sill living.  When  you connect on a psychic or medium level the energy is different.  In saying that its important to note that all mediums are psychic but not all psychic are mediums.  Every person on this planet as some psychic ability.  It's that gut feeling or someone might call you and you were only just thinking about them,  you can develop this with practice.   All you need is to have patience.. 

There are 3 main types of Mediumship - Physical Mediumship, Metal Mediumship and Trance/ Channel Mediumship.

Physical Mediumship - This is where spirit can manifest physical phenomena to validate their presence through the physically of a physical medium.

Mental Mediumship - It is when a person is able to either see physical or in their minds eye, feels how love ones have passed and know.  These skills and ability's are know are your six senses - Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting).

Trance / Channel Mediumship - Physical phenomena can take the form of materialization, transfiguration, direct voice, apports and to the  types of physical movement and transformations around the medium.  Some physical mediums can also perform psychic surgery, which they go into trance and allow a doctor or surgeon spirit to enter and work using their physical bodies.

EXERCISE TWO - Ask Yourself what type of medium do I want to be.

Step Three - Developing Your Clair's

The truth is that everyone has some natural intuitive psychic ability.  Everyone receives information differently.  There are six intuitive senses. Most people have more of a dominate one.  If you only have one don't worry the more you practice the more senses will start to come through.

CLAIRVOYANCE - CLEAR SEEING.  This is our Clair sense ability to see visions, images, scenes, symbols ,though our third eye.  Much of what comes through clairvoyance is like when we daydream.  Clairvoyance vision and thoughts offer come in quickly.  For example if you ask your pet what their favourite toy is and then you see a toy in you mind.  Clairvoyance is great for those who are - Visual learners and daydreamers.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRVOYANCE ABLIITY - One way to develop ones clairvoyance is to spend time visually looking into details of things that are in you direct view.  Once you have a mental snapshot of what you are viewing, try and recreate it in your minds eye and produce the same detail you just visually observed.  

CLAIRAUDIENCE - CLEAR HEARING.  This is our clear sense ability to hear chatter, sounds, and music silently in our minds.. The sounds are like a voice in your head like your thinking.  It can be difficult to trust this when you first start out.  Clairaudience can receive anything that can be spoken such as - Names, initials, phrases, number and messages.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRAUDIENCE ABILITY - This sense takes time, one method is to take a walk through nature and pay attention to all the finer sounds that nature profiled.  Over time your clair sense ability to hear will be able to fine tune itself.

CLAIRSENTIENCE - CLEAR FEELING. The ability to be in touch with your feelings and what you feel within your own body physical, mentally and emotionally,  The more you practice, you will start to sense and your feelings will get stronger.   If you are highly sensitive beings and have a strong level of empathy for others. People that rely  on their  strong gut instinct are often clairsentient. You need to be in tune with  your feeling that you are receiving.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRSENTIENCE ABILITY - If you are highly sensitive beings and have a strong level of empathy for other around you and are in tuned with your emotions.  You will natural pick up this ability.  

CLAIRCONGNIZNACE - CLEAR KNOWING.  A deep sense of knowing,  It is when you know with the utmost certainty. Your instinct is strong - That feeling in the bottom of your stomach.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRCONIZANCE ABILITY - This takes a lot of confidence to develop.  You build your confident in expressing with what come to mind.  You need to trust your feeling of knowing.

CLAIRALIENCE - CLEAR SMELLING.  This is our ability to smell.  Sometime you may smell a perfume or odours like cigarette's, this might remind you of someone or something. - Smell of perfume, type of foods or maybe a flowers.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRALIENCE ABILITY - You can develop this by exposing yourself to different types o smell.

CLAIRGUSTANCE - CLEAR TASTING.  You can taste something in your mouth when there is nothing there.  This could be your pets favourite food you may get the taste in your mouth or a food that you love tasting certain dishes.

TO DEVELOP YOUR CLAIRGUSTANCE ABILILTY - You need to enhance your palate and learn to distinguish different tastes. 

CLAIRTANGENCY - CLEAR SENCE OF TOUCH - This is when you grab a object that belongs to someone that has passed. You get the sense to feeling about the object and feeling about the object that belonged to a person before they have passed.

TO DEVELOP YOU CLAIRTANGENCE - Practice with a object and feel into this.

EXERCISE THREE -  Ask yourself which Clair is the strongest.  Do I see in my minds eye or just know when things are going to happen.

Step Four - How to protect yourself

When working with spirit and energy it is extremely important to know how to protect yourself energetically and it is important to make  this a part o your daily routine.  There is negative energy around us all the a time.  More often then not we are unaware of it, and this is why creating a protection routine is so important.  Sadly, negative energy is everywhere and is created all the time.  It starts with thinking  negatively towards ourselves  or toward another people. It comes form jealousy, anger seeking revenge, manipulation, vindictiveness etc. Negative energy is heavy  and weight down on us. It  attaches to our aura .  When this happens it can be very destructive.  There are many forms of protection out there which you can use to enhance your feelings of being safe while working.  Things such as crystals payers, affirmations, oils spells, incense and mandalas can all help strengthen your energy field.  The most important tool is the mind and intention.  If keep your intention and mindset strong and work with integrity, you will be able to work within a strong field of light and feel total safe.

EXERCISE FOUR - Practice quieting your mind and Imagine you have a which light around your body. You can do this through mediation.

Ways To Protect Yourself

Meditate bring peace.

Listen to uplifting Music

Spent time with Nature

Maintain a Healthy Body

Cleanse your Energy

Stay away from negative people because they will drain your energy

Follow Your Instincts 

These are some ways that can help you to protect yourself.

Step Five - Ethical Boundaries

As we all know, ethics refers to our moral principles or rules of conduct. I have my own beliefs when it comes to working with spirit and which are the following- 

- Your intention should always be pure for the heart and for the highest good.

- Never read, or pass on a message for someone without their permission.

- Never intentionally harm another.

- You should always work with integrity by people and tunning into their energy, whether it be energetically or by specking to them, and always work with this universal law in mind.  It is important you always ask for permission before you start reading a person or animals.   To me psychic medium readings are very personal and people are putting there trust into you, so it is important to understand this.

EXERCISE FIVE - Think about how you would feel if you put your trust into someone and they betrayed it. 

Step Six - Energy Drainers

There are two main factor that can drain you as a medium. First one is not seeking , permission to work with people and keeping tuned in and open constantly.  Its is so important you always ask permission before you start to read someone. The second is tuning into negative emotions or energies in a spirit. 


-One way is to put a white light around you. 

-Close down after a reading.

-Do not be around people that are negative.

EXERCISE SIX - Write down how you could avoid having your energy drained.

Step Seven - Intention

I believe it is very important to have a good and solid understanding of certain concepts when it comes to working with spirit and developing your abilities. By setting our intention is how we manifests things into our lives.  Our throughs create our intentions. Your intention should always be pure of heart and for the highest good. When working with spirit you should have positive intentions always.

EXERCISE SEVEN - Are yourself how  can i put a positive intention out there to the universe. 

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