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There are different types of Aura Layers. So what color are you ?

Auras can give us insight to how we are feeling, emotionally and spiritually. Aquas are the energy that sounds our body. They change color depending on how you feel. If you where in a angry mood your aura will be different to when you are happy.

Aura colors and there meaning -

Aqua Aura - Are mostly calm, chilled, compassion to people. They focus on joy and innocence , a sweet soul who minds there own business, is cool calm and collective, respects other people. They tend to go with the flow.

They would make good Reiki practitioners, Psychics, Mediums, Counselors and Teachers as they have compassion for others. They also are wonderful listeners and healers.

Purple Aura - They people make a big impact on the world. The light purple and lavender auras signify balance, calm, kindness and compassion. Those people are highly creative and intuitive. The violet auras and indigo auras indicate clairvoyance and a connection to the spiritual realm. They would make a good psychic, mediums and tarot readers. Dark purple auras that look black can indicate fear, challenges and are an indicator to slow down and reconnect with your higher self.

Black Auras - Can be caused by negative emotions, feelings of hopeless, miserable, depressed and even hate on the extreme end.

Pink Auras - Someone with a pink aura may be hiding nasty feelings behind a pretty picture. It is also possible that someone with a pink aura has learned to cover feelings of pain with cheeky behavior. Light pink aura means that you are calm, peaceful, spiritually connected and intuitive. People with bright pink aura means are compassionate, loving and grounded. Medium shade of pink is especially around the hear, can indicate that you're in love. Magenta auras are found in secure, eccentric people with strong personalities. Pink-grey aura indicates that you are lacking self-care and need some TLC. Those people would make a good at writing stories, doing yoga or meditating, volunteering at a shelter, playing guitar or creating their own music.

Blue Auras - They are sensitive, offer unconditional love, and value relationships above all else. A turquoise aura could mean that you've experienced a past trauma. Periwinkle - blue aura show sensitively beyond the norm of royal blue. A completely true blue aura, while rare is found in people with strong personalities. Light blue aura demonstrates serenity. A blue- grey aura indicates religious feelings ruled by fear. People with aqua blue auras are super chill and go with the flow. They would make a good at teachers, psychology psychic medium reiki practitioner, journaling, meditating, enjoying some alone time with a good book, learning about crystals.

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